Air Duct Services

For a lot of people, air ducts are these sort of mysterious, hidden tunnels that feed your heated or cooled air throughout your home. But when you are looking for air duct services in the North Georgia area, there are a few things that are important to know about them.

All About Air Ducts in North Georgia

Did you know these air duct facts?

  • Duct leaks are huge contributors to energy waste. In fact, a leak causing 20% of air to escape can cause your system to work 50% harder.
  • As ducts age, bonding materials dry out and erode. Old ducts tend to be very weak and leaky.
  • Creatures like rats and bugs are attracted the conditions of dirty ducts.
  • If you have an old home, it’s likely that your ducts still have build-up from the family that lived in it before you!
  • Mold loves the conditions of ductwork that has excess moisture from leaks and evaporator coil issues.

JF Maxwell can seal leaks in your ductwork and use the #1 duct-cleaning machinery to make sure your ducts are spotless. With our cleaning service, we even offer a free inspection to identify any malfunctioning parts of your system.

JF Maxwell is North Georgia Air Duct Company

These are a few reasons the community chooses us for their HVAC needs:

  • Personable, knowledgeable, licensed technicians
  • Quick, same-day service
  • Family ownership and operation
  • 5 star maintenance plan with service discounts
  • Flat-rate pricing

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