Air Conditioning Unit Installation

It’s common to be a little apprehensive when you realize you might need a new air conditioning unit. What if it is gets installed improperly? What if you end up paying too much? What if you have a problem with your new AC and your installation company is unhelpful? JF Maxwell wants to address those concerns so you can enjoy the comfort of a high-quality, Energy Star system.

Let JF Maxwell ease your mind with our professional services.

Reliable Air Conditioning Installation in North Georgia

Proper Air Conditioning Unit Installation

An AC Unit should be installed with care and consideration to avoid problems down the road. A good installation should, among other considerations:

  • The proper size for your home
  • Have well-planned drain pipes
  • Properly use a filter
  • Have efficient cycling
  • And More!

There are a lot of considerations, and at JF Maxwell, we do things by the book. This is guaranteed with our lifetime workmanship guaranty, which guarantees by-the-book installations or free service to correct it.

Correct Billing

With our flat-rate pricing, even if you wanted to make pleasant conversation with one of our friendly techs, you wouldn’t be charged a penny more for the extra time. You get charged for what you need.

A Dedicated HVAC Company

In addition to our lifetime workman warranty, we also enjoy having relationships with the North Atlanta community. We are a family company providing the exact kind of family service we ourselves would enjoy. One way is through our HVAC Maintenance

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